Mold of Breath | HAYASHI Aoi

2020 11/04 wed.ー 11/14 sat.  PM 1〜7 closed on 11/8 sun. 11/9 mon. 11/10 tue.

Mold of Breath


A body is not controllable by one’s intentions because of ; heartbeat, throat and lips vibrated by breathing, and warped memories. The divergence in repetition, the afterimages of colors, and voice preservation, have been my main theme on artworks. Having conversations with body behaviors, as if it was someone else’s, gives visible shapes and a clear representation.


1988 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2011 Information Design, Video Media Course, Kyoto University of Arts
2013 M.A. Kyoto University of Arts

Solo exhibitions
2020 Hitohuri no oto (Sound of a Drop)|+2, Osaka
2020 Yudotai (Playing Body)|Gallery PARC, Kyoto
2019 Uta no hukusyou (Echo of verse) |KUNSTARZT, Kyoto
2019 Taiwa no jikan (Time of dialog)|Kogane 4422bld., Aichi
2018 Shitsurae (Preparation) | AWOMB, Kyoto
2017 Koe no Konseki (Trace of Voice) | KUNSTARZT, Kyoto
2016 Mizu no Hatsuon (Pronunciation) | ART SPACE NIJI, Kyoto
2014 Public Score|TSUKURU BUIL, Kyoto
2013 OverLay|gallery near, Kyoto
2011 RE|C.A.P. STUDIO Y3, Hyogo

Group exhibitions
2020 m@p | Gallery PARC, Kyoto
2019 Kyoto Art for Tomorrow | The Museum of Kyoto
2019 The 5th ArataPendants | Creative Center Osaka
2019 Charity auction - Little us Who are we? |+1art, Osaka
2018 The Vision of Contemporary Art | The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2018 The 5th ArataPendants | Creative Center Osaka
2017 Art / Media - Reading of 4 dimension | The National Museum of Art, Osaka
2017 The garden of the mind – The finale | ART SPACE NIJI
2016 The 4th ArataPendants | Creative Center Osaka

Stage Art
2019 Giben(couvade)|Theatre E9 Kyoto・atelier MEKARU base, Okinawa
2018 Mojiishoku (Letter Transplantation) | Komaba Agora Theater
2017 Dictée | atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto
2016 Mojiishoku (Letter Transplantation) | atelier GEKKEN Pon Plaza Hall, Fukuoka

Art Fair
2013 Emerging Directors’ Art Fair ULTRA006 | Spiral Garden Aoyama, Tokyo

2015 Ashiya City Exhibition | Ashiya City Museum of Art and History / Yoshihara Award

soft hope

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 vol.02 HAYASHI Aoi 

+1 art will release the Soft hope series as an online shop opening plan. This series will be linked to the exhibitions at +1 and +2, and online sales will start at the same time, apart from the gallery exhibit works. The second of the "Soft hope" series is the works by HAYASHI Aoi, who will hold a solo exhibition in November.

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soft hope

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Cafe & Snack aoi 

|place| +2
|Date|11/7 sat・11/14 sat
18:00〜/19:00〜/20:00〜(closed on 21:00)
Up to 3 people each hour. Reservation required.(MAIL TO

The artist is in the gallery, and please enjoy the works with a special menu related to the exhibition (drinks and snacks from 500 yen)