connect to far | FUKUI Haruka

2023 4/05wed.ー4/15sat. PM 1〜7
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福井 悠

《connect to far》2023 (mineral pigments , glue)


FUKUI Haruka

When the destination becomes unclear, I put the consciousness far, far away to the end of the universe.  Suddenly the line appears.And I clearly recognize the point I should go.
By using mineral pigment,  my feeling is deeply connected with the natural breathing ,and which is also connected with the physical sensation of my own.
Through painting, I want to confirm my feelings connects to far.


2006 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Fine Arts, majoring in Japanese painting

Group exhibitions
2022 The 40th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
2021 “Breath”  gallery Keifu, Kyoto)
2021 Komatsu Biennale 2021 6th Miyamoto Saburo Award for Original Sketch “Pioneering New Expressions”
2021 The 23th  Setsuryosha Firenze Prize Exhibition
2021 The 39th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
2017 “5 stories” , Nihonnga” (saga, Hyogo)
2015 “Christmas selection” gallery Keifu, Kyoto)
2005-2020 “Nihonga no Kokoromiten” GALLERY MARONIE / Art Space-MEISEI / CASO etc, Osaka, Kyoto

Solo exhibitions
2008 “Haruka Fukui exhibition”(Ishidataiseisya gallery , Kyoto
2017 “the boat sailing in the night”(Asuka garou, Nara
2019 “Haruka Fukui exhibition” Art space-MEISEI, Kyoto
2022 “echo” gallery Keifu, Kyoto

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