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+1art is opening an online shop in the October 2020. As an opening project, “Soft Hope”series is being begun. "Soft Hope" is selling artworks put in a box at the online shop. Artists will create some artworks, for putting in the special box dedicated to this series. This is series project linked to the exhibitions at +1art and +2.

  soft hope 

According to Greek mythology, as Pandora opened the box, a large number of disasters such as plagues were vigorously released to the world, but only “hope” was left at the bottom of the box. Humble hope is quite and hard to find. Coronavirus having been spread, we realise again our daily life is irreplaceable. "Hope" is essential to human beings. However, “Hard Hope” such as fundamentalism would cause a lot of disasters. Things which filled up the Pandora box, would be this “Hard Hope”. We now need “Soft Hope” that is humble things having power of universality, which do not reject and affect human beings of all ages. We are now preparing special boxes filled up by artworks themed on this “Soft Hope”.