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2020 4/01 wedー 4/11 sat
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Your Scent My Colour   Hervé Humbert, Maki Takano

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Hervé Humbert

As I first entered the gallery space of +1art a few years ago, it reminded me of a book about Japanese aesthetics. Referring to the classic “In Praise of Shadows”, written in 1933 by Junichio Tanizaki, it is almost certain that the author had in mind, as I also do, that colour and light are very closely connected. As a matter of fact, what is colour in darkness? Or under sunlight? How is colour processed? Is it the same colour when digitally generated, printed or painted? Does colour have a smell, like sounds can have a colour, as in the case of synesthesia?

Hervé Humbert

For over 10 years now, Humbert has been interested in the boundaries and intersections between sculpture, design and interior architecture. He thinks it is undeniable that the art object is a domestic object among other everyday ones. Based on this hypothesis, he intends to create global and open works.
He graduated from the Superior Institute of Fine Arts in Besançon (ERBA)in 1994, with Post-graduate studies at the Marseille-Méditerranée School of Art and Design in 1994/1995. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 2005.

Maki Takano

Humbert has filmed very lovely, ordinary daily scenes in Japan, where I was actually born, and spent most of my life until I moved to Berlin. His film aroused mixed feelings in me, both tugging at my heart, while watching my home country and my town, but at the same time I was confused to be wondering whether it is really the place where I used to be. The answer is yes and no. This film isa travelling essay by him actually, and it is an artwork. If there wereno sequences with colours between each short scene, I would have been stuck in a somewhat dizzy state, struggling with my feelings.

Maki Takano

Takano began her art by painting and later creating installations. She tries to interpret and recognize an object, by attempting to measure the distance to it and through creating and understanding a relationship to an object. Since 2007, she has worked on her project “Accident and Control”. Recently, she has often worked with words and expressions using language.
She graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo in 1990 and was a research student in 1991. She lived and worked in Tokyo and Yokohama until 2006 and has since been living and working in Berlin.

For this special occasion, Maki Takano has invited Hervé Humbert to take part in a kind of a dialogue.
Takano was particularly intrigued by the colour fields which Humbert inserted between each sequence of his recent film "Patterns In A Chromatic Field (a Travelogue) 2019".This was the starting point for the exhibition.


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